Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We had a blast at the Watermelon Festival Weekend!!!
Dealership Windows... "The Preaus Patch" (featuring all 5 grandkids!)Cooper enjoyed watching the parade!!! Even the firetrucks didn't scare him!
Cooper with Mommy, Daddy, & Uncle Dano!Cooper loves Sunday School!!! I think he really thought he was going to get wet in the "rain"!
He wanted to eat the flower!

He was basking in the sun!

His sweet teacher has to keep him from "eating" all the animals!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cooper loves Watermelon!!!

Chris & I went to DC for a long weekend with his company and Cooper spent the weekend with Emme & Poppa Joe (aka Poppy... he can't decide what he wants to be called) ... Cooper loves his frog (it was mine when I was younger).
Looks like Emme was playing school with Cooper & he was raising his hand to answer the question! :)
Emme & Coop
Emme & Memother
Cooper has found the toilets... so far he has only found them with the lid closed (thank goodness) so he thinks it is his drum!
This is how I usually find Cooper when I call his name...
Love our little man!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's been happening around here...

Well, we just got back from Cooper's 9 month Dr appointment and here are his latest stats:
22 lbs 6 oz (75th percentile)
28.5 inches long (50th percentile)
He's a super happy & healthy little man!!!
Cooper loves "cruisin'" in his little car! Cooper went down for a nap with "normal" hair and this is how he woke up... I think he & Mr. Monkey must have had a wrestling match!
Cooper still LOVES bathtime!
Watch out!!! Coop's behind the wheel!
Happy Father's Day!!!
Cooper & his cousin Murphy got to hang out in Farmerville...
He wasn't sure what to think about her walking everywhere...
she is a "woman on a mission" when she gets behind the push toys! So cute!
And last but not least... I was in a car wreck on June 22nd... I was on my way home from visiting friends at the hospital & the grocery (by myself) and a car came across the median and hit me... we were both going about 70mph. I was able to avoid a head-on collision and took the initial impact in my driver door. Then I flipped a few times through the ditch. I was so blessed to walk away from the accident! Here are a few pics... one from the scene & one from the wrecking yard.
I came out looking a lot better than my explorer!