Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cooper loves to try to catch Crazy - our cat!!!
Crazy on the other hand prefers to keep his distance!!! Happy 1st Birthday to our cousin Murphy!!!
Cooper is walking all over the place hanging onto his car, the walls, the furniture or our legs!

Cooper loves it when Emme & Memother visit!
And he thinks Dano is the best!
Sunday afternoons are the best - hanging out on the couch with Daddy!

Our new favorite toy... the diaper box!!!

Cooper will watch Baby Einstein or Sprout in his box & be so happy!
How could you resist those sweet baby blues!?!?!

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Lauren said...

I was just thinking that I'd have to email you if you didn't have a new post up on your blog. ;) Thankfully you did so I could get my dose of Cooper! My favorite pic is the one in the diaper box. A classic!